design process

  1. Research and Analyze

    We discuss the task at hand and ensure both client and agency are at consensus about the expectations.
    Design analysis
    We analyze the parameters of the brief, and determine what is essential, and look for opportunities for innovation and creative inspiration.
    Competitive analysis
    We look at your direct and indirect competitors, see what can be learnt, and benchmark best practice to ensure we differentiate and surpass with your brand.
    Media analysis and budget:
    We look at present media channels, ascertain what is working and what may be wastage, and create a mix of media to add extra punch to your campaign.
  2. Strategy

    Design is not an end in itself, but an aid to reflect your identity. To achieve the best results, we consider the following:
    Strengths and weaknesses
    What makes you the best at what you do?
    How do you address your customers?
    What do you want your customer’s to remember about you?
    What is the face of your brand?
    Where are you going?
  3. Creation

    Developing a visual identity
    Where necessary, we create the basic elements for a visual identity, including logo, color palette, type, graphic elements and a good picture languages.
  4. Implementation

    Preparation of a corporate design manual and visual standards guide
    To achieve consistency of your company image, it’s important that all people working on the brand understand the rules and abide by them. Our design manual provides easy, step-by step instructions and dos and don’ts to maintain a single visual style.
    Corporate design implementation in all media
    Using defined corporate designs, we can realize your wishes in all types of media – from business card, brochure, newsletter, powerpoint-presentations, online design, packaging to trade fair stands and Guidance and way-finding systems.
  5. Production and quality management

    The optimum result
    The best design is not worth much when the production process is not optimized perfect as well. To reach this goal, we support the entire creative process, from idea development to complete product.