We offer the following range of services.

  1. Logo Design

    We develop a logo that accurately reflects your culture and makes your company instantly recognizable.
    A Logo is composed of:
    • Name mark description
    • Figurative mark
    • A combination of both
    In designing a logo, we strive to make it:
    • Comprehensible
    • Iconic
    • Memorable
    • Legible
    We also specialize typographic services to design a bespoke typeface for your business.
  2. Corporate Design

    In phase one we develop the basic elements for the image of your company
    • Typeface, colors, shapes
    • Visual language
    • Copy concept
    To build the brand, the basic elements and the logo will consequently used on an array of media, including
    • Office stationery and equipment
    • Brochures
    • Websites
    • Packaging
    • Advertising
  3. Corporate Publishing

    We designing a unified internal and external communication based on sound principles and design excellence, including:
    We are designing:
    • customer magazine
    • employee newsletter
    • annual reports
  4. Interactive media

    Design concepts for Web sites and interactive user interface areas.
    We are designing:
    • Web pages
    • E-books, E-magazines
    • Mobile APPS
    • Interactive installations
  5. Narrative environments

    We create exhibition stands and public spaces that are striking and unforgettable.
    We are designing:
    • Trade fair stands
    • Exhibitions
    • Guidance and way-finding systems
    • Showrooms